Citizenship Law

Bilgi Law Firm also provides services in the field of citizenship law, especially in our country, which has received a large amount of immigration in recent years. Bilgi Law Firm provides services with its expert staff in all legal proceedings involving foreign relations.

The services provided by Bilgi Law Firm in this field are as follows;

1. Granting residence permits to foreigners who want to live in Turkey, extending the granted permits, following up and finalizing them
2. Obtaining the work permit of foreigners who are planned to live in Turkey, extending the work permit if any, following up and concluding these procedures
3. Within the scope of Law No. 5901, the citizenship application procedures of foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship are carried out, followed up and finalized.
4. Application procedures, follow-up and conclusion of those who want to renounce Turkish citizenship within the scope of Law No. 5901
5. Providing consultancy services to foreigners on real estate law, following up and concluding


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Providing services in English, German, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese besides Turkish, Bilgi Law and Consultancy Firm adopts a solution-oriented service approach with its expert work team, which has developed its field experience in its fields of work with national and international academic studies.